My local pharmacy let me down right before the holidays by not ordering my daughters needed medication (Stromectol) as they said they would. I called so many places to see if they had the medicine and nowhere kept it in stock. I was beyond pleased to call this Choice Pharmacy to find out they would be able to make & provide me with it on the same day. They provided wonderful customer service with such an accommodating staff!! I will be back- thank you!

I wish you could give zero stars. I waited for a prescription to buy Stromectol that they never called me back for payment. I left a couple of messages since the pharmacy didn’t take my calls. After an hour I called the front desk who was very nice. You could let someone know instead of making them sit all afternoon for something that should Be ready for pick up!!!!! Will be switching out of this place as soon as I find another dr to see my son.

Compounding Shop Pharmacy, Inc
Address: 11845 Wilcrest Dr, Houston, TX 77031, United States | Phone: (281) 495-2230 | Website:

I had a great experience here when I inquired about filling my daughter’s toothpaste prescription because Giant had refused to fill it when it wasn’t covered by insurance, but they had mentioned Compounding Shop Pharmacy, Inc tends to allow customers to do that, and the lady at the pharmacy counter was very nice, and she was able to fill it after it was of course again denied by the insurance and she even found a discount for me, so I only paid about half price.

Awful. I’ve waited a week for Stromectol to be ready, and it still isn’t ready. So I have already been off the medication for far too long. I haven’t heard anything from them, and I’ve refilled the prescription twice online already. I do it online because I work almost every night, 13-hour shifts. However, I won’t be using Compounding Shop Pharmacy, Inc anymore. This is ridiculous.

The Pharmacy
Address: 6630 Southwest Fwy, Houston, TX 77074, United States | Phone: (713) 266-5425 | Website:

Let me say this, I have never met someone as hardworking and friendly as Madeline! A mix-up with my insurance and co-pay I had to pay $33 for something that is usually free well Madeline knew something wasn’t right, so she called my insurance company and talked to them, and sure enough, they overrode that bill! She went above and beyond with customer service and was a pleasant surprise! Thank you, Madeline, for your hard work!

My husband walked into this The Pharmacy and received a coronavirus vaccination. He was back twice yesterday and today this time. The pharmacist yelled no over and over and said appointment only. He was due his second shot yesterday. He followed his previous instructions (which have changed three times now and not because there are no vaccines, in his words). There’s only a pandemic and life-threatening pandemic happing, thanks.

Briargrove Pharmacy & Gifts
Address: 6435 San Felipe St, Houston, TX 77057, United States | Phone: (713) 783-5704 | Website:

Shannon at Briargrove Pharmacy & Gifts is an absolute delight to work with. She is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure my patients have the best price on Stromectol and that their medications are in the right format to get reimbursed by insurance. She has more than once stayed late to ensure my patients were taken care of. I am so grateful to have a local pharmacist who puts in so much effort to ensure a great experience. Highly recommend.

Pharmacy service is often terrible. Lines at the drive-through for prescription pick up are sometimes so long it spills out into traffic on the street because they’re so slow. Inside isn’t much better – usually long lines with only 1 register open. They’re almost always understaffed, and management seems not to care. And the carpet is usually dirty – another sign of not enough people to run the place. Avoid if possible.