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Southside Pharmacy
Address: 4457, 7700 Main St #100, Houston, TX 77030, United States | Phone: (713) 660-8890 | Website: https://www.ssrx.com/

Absolutely hands down, this Southside Pharmacy is the best I have been to. The Pharmacist, Sara, and the Pharmacy Tech, Crystal, are the most pleasant, customer service-oriented, and caring staff members I have had the pleasure to meet in any business for a long time. They have been so friendly and accommodating to my parents, who are in their 80’s as if they were their own family. They treat me the same way when I pick up my parent’s Modafinil because they are unable to get there and always, without failure, ask how they are doing and feeling and to say hi. I will never go to another pharmacy as long as Sara and Crystal work there…

Just tried to get meds here, but my driver’s license recently expired. The pharmacist told me I could not buy Provigil with an expired ID. Just two days before, they did honor the expired ID for some other needed meds. Adding to the frustration, they acted like I was the first to come in with this issue. It’s June 11th. Hard to believe I’m the first? What’s going on here?

Piney Point Compounding Pharmacy
Address: 2532 Fondren Rd, Houston, TX 77063, United States | Phone: (713) 782-6212 | Website: https://compoundingpharmacyhouston.net/

This Piney Point Compounding Pharmacy is a great place to receive personalized, caring services that aren’t provided by the chain pharmacy. Daily dose bubble packs are prepared by this pharmacy. This medication prep service makes a safe, convenient method of medication administration for the caregivers of my elderly father. This alternative packaging would be great for many individuals who need assistance with taking Modafinil safely and accurately. Thank you to Beth and her staff for their excellent service!!

Customer service is the worst! I came to pick up a medication that did not need a prescription but was in a lockbox. It made me wait 40 minutes while they helped other people, and once my name was called after retrieving my Modafinil pills, they made ME GET BACK IN LINE. When o got to the front, it was the wrong prescription, and the lady asked me to go sit down while she helped the other people before going to get the correct one! Ridiculous!! Waste of an hour and a half!

Park Place Health Center Pharmacy
Address: 9250A Bellaire Blvd, Houston, TX 77036, United States | Phone: (713) 847-6800 | Website: https://park-place-hc-pharmacy.business.site/

Park Place Health Center Pharmacy has become our family’s primary pharmacy, and Steve Hoffart is truly the best. He has worked hard to employ the best staff to meet his vision of friendly and informative service. His priority has always been the customer. He goes above and beyond to help the customer save money on medication where possible. He is always keeping his pharmacy up with new technology to make it easy for the customers to obtain Modafinil and get their refills. Steve is always friendly and has a smile on his face. When you love what you do, it shows. I will always recommend this pharmacy to anyone who is looking for a pharmacy they can count on for all their medical needs.

Yikes. I didn’t even use Park Place Health Center Pharmacy, and I could see what everyone meant by lack of service. Every other pharmacy I’ve been to greets you when walking in. Instead, workers were joking around, and when I walked up to ring out, there was no one at the register. The man saw me and slowly walked up, very clearly irritated that he had to do his job and continued to be very short with me.

Address: 12454 Beechnut St, Houston, TX 77072, United States | Phone: (281) 741-3902 | Website: https://affordable-pharmacy.business.site/

I’ve been using Affordable Pharmacy for several years since they are one of few compounding pharmacies in the area, and both my husband and I purchase compounded substances from them. I visited them a few times in person but didn’t recommend that as they are inside a hospital complex. I’ve gotten lost navigating my way from and to them, but then I’ve never done well with hospital complexes and their parking garages! So that’s more my problem and not theirs. 😉 Now I have them mail Modafinil prescriptions. It doesn’t cost extra, and I SO appreciate the convenience. They’ve been easy to work with, and I highly recommend them!

Slowest customer service on the drive-through.. the only reason to visit this pharmacy is that they have a drive-through.. this pace is always understaffed, and they make the customers wait for every 5 to 10 mins while they attend customers in store.. Ridiculous service, Affordable Pharmacy .. review your services at this place!!!!