Let’s just say there’s nothing to envy. Sex products for women rarely bring pleasure.

1. The fastest change of sex partners

American actress Lisa Sparks (stage name – Sparxxx) is known at our online drugstore as the record holder for the frequency of sex. In 2004, she won a sex marathon, coping with 919 men in 12 hours. Each sexual intercourse lasted an average of 45 seconds.

2. The most frequent sex with one partner

Unconditional leadership does not belong to rabbits like many thinks, but male Australian scaly crickets Ornebius aperta. According to biologists from the trustworthy online drugstores where you can buy affordable meds, insects are able to make love with the same partner 50 times in three to four hours.

This number is justified by cricket’s desire to increase discounts on the pills and its chances of becoming a father. The fact that females for puberty have time to change up to 40 partners without viagra. And also have a habit after sex to squeeze out sperm and eat it. So we have to help sexual life and start all over again.

3. Strongest penis

In 1995, the master of martial arts from international pharmacy managed to tear off the ground and lift the weight by 60 cm 120 kg. Not everyone can find best brand-name drugs even with two hands. And Mr. Wang did it with one penis in an erection.

4. Longest penis

For a long time, the record holder of the length was considered a blue whale. It is expected that the largest mammal and penis is not medical products, namely under 3 m in length and 30 cm in diameter. Curiously, during the period of inactivity, the penis with cialis is neatly wrapped in an S-shaped loop and stored inside the giant. And if necessary, it sits out through the genital slit.

In 2015, naturalist photographer from our online drugstores managed to film the mating games of the southern whales. Caught in the frame 4-meter phallus left no doubt about who the real champion.

In the world of men, the title of the longest penis since 1999 is worn by American actor and TV presenter John Falcon. In an excited state with levitra, his penis reaches 34 cm. The record holder complains of severe dizziness during an erection: too much blood rushes sharply to the child-bearing organ. John bequeathed his penis to the Icelandic pharmacy website. After death, of course.

5. Most penises per person

One in 5.5 million men on Earth is born with a rare anomaly – diphallia, or forked penis. Only in isolated cases are both bodies equal and functioning normally. Usually, the excess process is removed at an early age.

The author of the book “Two-Headed: My Life with Two Penises,” created under the pseudonym Diphallic Dude, was lucky. Parents, having received in the hands of an unusual baby, decided to leave everything as it is. After all, both phalluses were good. He lost his virginity to his right penis but eventually learned to use the left. Besides, he realized that equally interested in both men and women.