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Houston, Texas 77004

​​​ "National Arts & Humanities Youth Program Award" Winner
Donors & Supporters


We can't do it without you! Our supporters have made a tremendous mark via their generosity to the innovative youth development programs here at Workshop Houston. Our donors, volunteers and community members play an integral role in the growth and success of Workshop Houston and most importantly, our students. 


Throughout the year, our dedicated volunteers give their invaluable time and talents to help our  students build new skills and expand their horizons. Your helping hands let our students know that they can do anything through creativity and intelligence!

Community Partners
It truly takes a village to both raise and inspire a  generation. Our community partners consists of schools, universities, non-profits and local businesses who share our dedication to creating a thriving youth community while supporting our  mission and work.

Each dollar counts! Our organization is fueled by a caring community of donors that assist in making our programs possible. Because of you, our students can count on a supportive community and the creative educational resources at  Workshop each day.


2016 - 2017 Major Underwriters
The Weikart Family Foundation
The Brown Foundation, Inc.
The Albert and Ethel Herzstein Charitable Foundation
BridgeUp at Menninger
​John R. Wright and Eloise Mountain Wright Foundation
Charity Guild of Catholic Women
Cathy and Frank Montgomery

2016-2017 Major Sponsors  
The Charity Guild of Catholic Women
Spindletop Charities, Inc.
Silvia and John Yearwood
Louisa Sarofim
Vivie and Chris O'Sullivan
Silver Eagle Distributors

​​2016 - 2017 Partners  
Christine Stewart  
The Charles Jago Elder Foundation
Daniel Measurement and Control, Inc
The Heimbinder Family Foundation
​Holden Rushing
​Sara Morgan
​Christopher L. Knapp
Jennifer Ford
Barb and Clay Robinson
The Douglas Grymes Charitable Foundation
​Broadwaters Foundation
Isla and T.R. Reckling 
Gayle and Mike DeGeurin
The Neon Gallery
​Lisa and Will Mathis
Mary Barone 
​Helen Winkler Fosdick
Patti Melcher
Pamela Campbell
Chinhui and Eddie Allen
Margaret and Jamie Griffith
​Sissy and Denny Kempner
Marian Lloyd 
Sarah and John Hastings
C. Edward Coffey, MD and The Menninger Clinic
Vallette and Russell Windham






Capital Campaign Contributors
Master Craftsman'
The J.E. and L.E. Mabee Foundation (Challenge Grant)

The Nau Foundation
Master Artisan 
The Brown Foundation, Inc.
The Elkins Foundation
The Fondren Foundation
The Kinder Foundation
The Rice Building Workshop (In-Kind)
The Children’s Fund
The New Society Fund
Spindletop Charities, Inc.
The Sterling-Turner Foundation

M.D. Anderson Foundation

Mary and Marcel Barone
Frank Montgomery
Rails-to-Trails Conservancy
Silver Eagle Distributors
The Susan Vaughan Foundation
Vallette and Russell Windham

Isla and T.R. Reckling 


John Blackmon and John Roberson
Brooks Armour Diesel
Jennifer Ford
Helen Winkler Fosdick

Liz and Rogers Herndon
Tami and Will Honeybourne
E. Winston Jones and Sam Jones
Christopher L. Knapp
Patti Melcher
Leonora Montgomery
River Oaks Garden Club
Andy Stepanian
The TLL Temple Foundation

Emily Todd
Jill Whitten
Joan Hohlt and Roger Wich Foundation

Letitia Lykes Knapp
Strake Foundation
The Greentree Fund
Winston Gilpin
Seth Jaffe
The Edward and Helen Oppenheimer Foundation
Holden Rushing
Carlisle Vandervoort
Kellye and Kyle Wright Family Fund

Jeanie and Tom Carter
Jill and William Carter IV
Laura and Andrew McCullough
Campus Guild
Jeff Beauchamp
Nonya and Jonathan Grenader
Sarah and John Hastings
Susan and Robert Hawkins
The Herman Family Foundation
Eric Houston
Arthur Jones and Wanda Russell
Dillon Kyle and Sam Lasseter      
Vivie O’Sullivan
Anne Carter Parker
Danny Samuels
Christopher Skidmore
Martha Claire Tompkins
Tarik Ward
Marion and Ben Wilcox
Josh Zulu

Wendy and Mavis Kelsey
Susan and Rob Reedy
W. Temple Webber III
Bettie Cartwright
Shawn Patterson
Rebecca Neill
Cindy and David Fitch
​Linda and Stephen Paine
Dee Weber and Joe Tysl
Harriet and Christopher Alexander
Margaret and Jamie Griffith
Sara Dodd
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